YES Academy Lebanon YES Academy Lebanon YES Academy Poster 46496121 Welcome to Lebanon 46496119 American Community School Site of classes 46496122 46847491 A classroom at American Community University Elementary School 46496120 1st Day Broadway and Hip Hop Auditions 46847492 Mohammad (Chaperone) with my girls 46847493 View of the Sea from AUB 46847494 A Cedar Ring from AUB Museum Incredibly impressive museum of archeological finds from the Levant between 2000 BC to present. 47009433 Local Graffiti en route to school 47009434 Freedom to Dream Thanks to Alex for this picture of one of our dancers. 48675790 Broadway performs in Beirut 48433925 The Audience Arrives Sun sets on Faqra as audience arrives for the first Gala. 48675791 Hip Hop Class 58258135 Practice Makes Perfect 58258136 Lebanese Pastry Shop My guide made me stop. Really. 58259258 Children's Theatre Yearbook Shot 58258137 Community Dancing at Daniel's Wedding Even I joined in eventually. 58259259 Traditional Dance 58259260 Local Wedding I was unexpectedly invited to a wedding in the South and couldn't say no! One of the ACS teachers was my guide. 58259261 Faqra Sunset 58259262 Midafternoon Voice Rehearsal We had no air conditioning for four hours every day. 58259467 Band performs in Beirut with Kids 58259468