YES Academy Iraq YES Academy Iraq 89297028 Auditions 89297029 Hip Hop Class 1 89297030 Always on the Phone Director John Ferguson dealing with the latest problem. 89297032 Mural work outside the Ministry of Culture-Kurdistan Another sign that this region is beginning to rebuild and flourish 89433373 A Mineret 89433375 Miss Carole Dancing on the 4th of July We worked through the Iraqi (Friday and Sat) and U.S. weekend (Sat and Sun) and even on the 4th of July. 89433376 Children's Theater Practicing Grease Finale 89433377 A rare photo of me on my rounds 89433378 Bruce Walker and his cellists 89996787 Michael tries to fix the stereo Donate Now! 89996788 "Where The Hell Is Matt" and the Kids 89996789 Swedish Film Crew Filming Piano Class 89999807 Advanced Hip Hop Class 89999808 Staff at Opening Ceremony 89999809 Mariano's Jazz Class 89999810 John and our admin volunteers 94591933 Cross cultural collaboration 94592134 Musicians 94592135 Waiting for VIPS to start 94592136 Successfully Moved the Grand Piano Took 15 guys 45 minutes. 94592137 The Show 94592138