YES Academy Syria 2010 YES Academy Syria 2010 Sword outside Ministry of Culture 91135663 First Night in Damascus Dr. Gene and I are very happy our second border crossing was more succesful than our first attempt. 91135655 Dinner in the Old City Dr. Gene and our local project manager Amr. 91070572 An Old Damascene House The entrance view of our restaurant 91070573 Green Mosque The mosques in Damascus glow green at night. 91070571 More Night Lights from the Mt. 91135653 The Covered Souq Mostly closed for Friday (Islamic Sunday in this region of the world) 91135654 Another beautiful Mosque 91135659 An Oasis next to our hotel Brad, Greg, Carole, Bruce and I head off to the Old City 91135661 Inside the Old Train Station En route to the Old City 91135664 Supermen of Syria Their idea. Little boys in every country flock to my camera lens to ham it up-usually in threes. 91135657 Youth in the courtyard of Damscus's most favorite mosque 91135656 The Inner Courtyard of Umayyad Mosque I was sitting against the gazebo flirting with the native babies and signing with their mothers while I waited for my male colleagues to finish their tour on the men's side. 91135662 Where part? of John the Baptiste is Supposedly Buried 91135658 35 Degrees Celcius Women covered from head to foot on the woman's side but still happy 91135652 Garden Nights 91135660 The entrance to the Old City 94588287 Traditional Dress provided by Sultan 94588288 Piano and Voice Recital 94588289 View from the Old City 94588290 Jazz rocks the Dummar Theater 94591623 Interviews by Syrian TV 94591624