YES Lebanon 2010 YES Lebanon 2010 YungChris Chris of Havikoro teaches hip hop 92749442 Near Pigeon Rock View from the Petit Cafe right on the cliff 92749443 Goodbye dinner for Greg 92749444 A Church and A Mosque 94589262 Pink Burkhas 94589263 Byblos Harbor This is from where the Phonecians ruled the Medditerranean 94589264 Our Lady of Lebanon 94589265 Cliff Building in Beirut 94589266 The famous AUB Indian Tree 94589267 Pigeon Rock 94589268 The Eyes of Syria in Beirut 94589269 Thank Yous from the Kids 94589270 A Tree Grows Near Bliss Street 94589271 TV Interviews Our local project manager, Mahmoud gets interviewed about the YES Academy 94589272 Classical and Jazz Concert Location This is the the beautiful Assembly Hall on AUB Campus 94589273 WHEN the Electricity Fails Which it does daily. 94589274 Opening Broadway and Hip Hop Number 94589275 Children's Theater 94589903 Kids learning Hip Hop for Grease 94589904 Office Boys Admin Staff, Chaperone and a favorite student from last year 94589905 USAID-From the American People 94589906 More Pigeon Rock 94589907 Dr. Gene teaching jazz piano 94591103 Seasons of Love from Rent Warm Up 94591104 Learning the Moves in Jr. Broadway 94591105 Jazz Ensemble (1 of 4) 94591106 Yung Chris teaching pivot turns 94591107 Dr. Brad teaching piano 94591108 Greased Lightning 94591109 Marc Thayer and the Jr. Strings 94591110 Sr. Strings rehearsal in Assembly Hall 94591111 Stain Glass Window in Assembly Hall 94589902