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Americans for the Arts

American Voices

American University

Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts

Art and Artists International

Brademas Center for the Study of Congress

Canadian Cultural Observatory

Council on Foundations*

Culture.mondo Network of International Portals

Dance Construction Company*

Foundation Center

Goethe Institut, Washington, DC

Initiative for Sustainable Arts in America, Harvard University

National Humanities Alliance

Organization of American States

Resource Center on Cultural Engagement

Robert Haussman International 

Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

Sister Cities

Wolf Brown

UNESCO, North American Regional Consultation on Cultural Diversity

University of Westminster, London, UK *


"Aimee comes with highest recommendations for her work with American Voices in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Bright, energetic and full of good practical sense and ideas, she helped us turn ourselves around and strike out in new directions better organized and prepared to face a landscape of constantly shifting opportunities and pitfalls. She handled everything we put on her plate with utmost skill and flexibility."
John Ferguson, Executive Director, American Voices 

“I know Aimee Fullman to be a diligent researcher and an accomplished writer on cultural diplomacy and other policy issues.  She has assisted our staff with prompt, thorough reviews of research papers and other documents, consistently delivering high-quality materials, and her proven editorial skills augment her technical expertise.  Ms. Fullman has extensive knowledge of the people, policies and programs in the dynamic, evolving field of cultural policy.”
Bill Ivey, Director, Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy, Vanderbilt University

"Aimee Fullman is one of the rising stars in the world of cultural policy and cultural administration. Her work on cultural diplomacy and exchange for the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation has been superb."
James Allen Smith, Chairman, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

"Aimee Fullman is an experienced, meticullous and perceptive cultural policy expert with a strong grasp of domestic and international cultural policies, especially Canada and the Americas. In my work with her, she proved she can research, analyze, write and present on a range of topics for a range of audiences, including diplomats and senior decision-makers. In addition, she has a strong grasp of new technologies and how to use them for effective policy objectives; a very valuable skill in this day and age."
Joelle Mader, Acting Manager, Policy Research Group, Canadian Heritage

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aimee Fullman in both academic and professional collaborative projects.  She has an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge on arts management and cultural policy and programming in the U.S, Canadian, and international contexts.  Aimee’s projects benefit from the blend of her practitioner “know-how” with her intellectual rigor and curiosity.    
As a guest lecturer at Carleton University, Aimee demonstrated an excellent rapport with students. She is an engaging presenter, and is able to package and deliver a lecture in a way that connects with the student mind."
Heather De Santis, Director, Intergovernmental Affairs, Public Safety Canada

"Aimee pulls on a wealth of experience from her career in cultural policy. Her teaching style is very practical and skills-based and she genuinely cares that her students understand the realities of life in cultural policy, with all of its perks and challenges.  Aimee did an excellent job of creating dynamic lessons,  pulling on the expertise of practitioners in different fields to help paint an accurate picture of the varied environment of the field. She is a dynamic and engaging professor and mentor." Jessica Brown, Georgetown University, Masters in Public Policy 2010 and MBA in International Organizations from the University of Geneva

"Professional, dedicated and genuinely a pleasure to work with, Aimee Fullman is the ideal research supervisor.  Over the months we worked together, she not only proved to be an excellent manager but also an insightful mentor who has continued to help me to this day."
Patrick Sabol, Research Assistant (Summer 2008), Robert Sterling Clark Foundation

"I first met Aimee Fullman in Spring 2008, when I was beginning research on a thesis study that focused on the U.S. visa process and cultural exchange.  Aimee willingly shared her expertise and experience in cultural policy, suggested additional resources for me to refer to, and counseled me on many aspects of the academic research process.  My final thesis project would not have been the same without her mentorship and advice.  Aimee has a true passion for the arts, culture, and in educating the future leaders of this field.  I am grateful to have met and worked with her, and I believe that she has the potential to make a positive impact on many other students."
Stephanie Evans Hanson, American University M.A. Arts Management 2009

"Aimee Fullman exemplifies American’s next generation of Cultural Policy and Arts Management professional. She is as knowledgeable about the field, both in the US and abroad as she is personable. Aimee’s expertise is drawn from extensive experience, a global network and practical insight. Aimee is able to provide high calibre guidance across the complex terrain of US Cultural Policy, to students and seasoned professional alike. She is a pleasure to work with and has a contagious enthusiasm for her profession." Kiley Arroyo, Cultural Policy / Arts Management Consultant