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My Favorites: Links and Resources

Arts and Cultural Policy:

Americans for the Arts.  Includes many online resources on U.S. arts and cultural policy.  Find information on their site about research, national arts advocacy day and the corresponding annual Nancy Hanks Lecture, the National Arts Policy Roundtable and summaries of key legislative issues pertaining to the arts.  The former Cultural Policy Listserv has been transformed into the Arts Watch listserv which continues to be published every Wednesday.  They also host Artsblog.

Arts Inc. Bill Ivey's book about the state of access to cultural expression in America and missed opportunities in U.S. arts policy. A must read for anyone interested in cultural policy and U.S. cultural policy in general.

Canadian Cultural Observatory offers a Cultural Policy 101 and Cultural Policy Timeline series.  Website is in English and French. This program was sunset in 2008 and transition plans for resources have not yet been completed. Let me know if you need these resources. 

Center for Arts and Culture*, resources are in the process of migrating to Americans for the Arts National Arts Policy Database

Compendium: Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe. Hosted by ERIC arts and now including over 40 countries and expanding beyond Europe. This is a must go to resource for comparative research and is organized by cross-cutting themes. 

CPANDA, the Cultural Policy and Arts National Data Archive hosted by Princeton University's Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies.  Reservoir of reports and national data sets pertaining to arts and culture. 

Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy



Journal of Arts, Management, Law and Society

Lab for Culture

National Association for State Art Agencies

The Art Newspaper


Arts Administration

Barry's Arts Blog, a weekly blog by Barry Hessenius on arts issues hosted by WESTAF

Ian David Moss at Fractured Atlas has a weekly blog, Creatiquity commenting on and highlighting key arts sector issues. 

Journal of Arts Administration

Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Foundation Center (recommended place for trends in grantmaking)

Arts Participation and Cultural Engagement Practices:

Engaging Art: The Next Great Transformation of America's Cultural Life edited by Steven J Tepper and Bill Ivey.  A solid overview of discussions about arts participation and audiences.  Includes dicussions of news trends in engagement. 

The NEA commissions the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) about every 5 years.  Results and past monographs can be found at the NEA'S website or on CPANDA.

Cultural Relations, Cultural Exchange and Public Diplomacy:  U.S. State Department Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau website.  Lists opportunities and information on government-sponsored exchanges.

Coalition for Citizen Diplomacy

Sister Cities

John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review.  A former career foreign service officer, this daily update gives an overview of public and foreign policy related resources and policy analysis.

The First Resort of Kings. Richard Arndt's tome that provides the intimate historical details of U.S. support for cultural diplomacy.  This will give you the most comprehensive information available.

Interagency Working Group on International Exchange.  Government report detailing support for governnment international exchange programs and released annually. This is the best place to get government data.

USC Center on Public Diplomacy, the "go to" place for U.S. cultural and public diplomacy resources.

U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy

Robert Albro, Public Policy Anthropologist launched a blog full of interesting insights on cultural policy, cultural diplomacy among other things on his website: 

Carla Figueira of Goldsmiths, University of London provides a cultural relations roundup of information.   

Full Bibliography and Resource List forthcoming.

Cultural Diversity:

2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (UNESCO's page)

Blockbusters and Trade Wars by Peter S. Granta and Chris Wood.  This is a must read for anyone interested in the process of mobilizing toward an international treaty on cultural expressions and the rationale behind a "shelf space" for cultural goods and services. 

A full bibliography based on my research is forthcoming.

Cultural Information Systems:

Culture.mondo Network: This network conducts an annual survey of cultural portals and holds annual international meetings to share information on best practices.  The Secretariat is currently hosted by the 24 Hour Museum.  Information on their recent December 2008 meeting in Taiwan is now available on the site.

The Organization of American States has held meetings on Cultural Information Systems in Trinidad, Mexico and Columbia. For further information see their website:

Culture and Development

This is a still developing field.  I will post more information in the near future.

Developement Gateway (DG) has a resource center on Culture and Development and you can sign up for their action alerts.

Creative Sector and Creative Economy:

Creative Destruction by Tyler Cowen. The only source I have read about creative diversity that provides a solid theoretical basis for measuring diversity.  An essential read for anyone interested in how goods and services relate to cultural diversity in a globalized world economy. Tyler was the U.S. representative to the UNESCO negotiations, but I find his work to have nuance and he acknowledges the backlash of market driven economics relative to culture and civilizations. 

Tyler Cowan's personal website

UNESCO Culture and Creative Industries Resource Hub

Diane Ragsdale has a widely read blog related to creative economy and the value of the arts called JUMPER. 

Bibliography forthcoming

Performing Arts

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company

Performing Arts Alliance

1000 Hands Buddha Dance (On YouTube)

Cultural Affairs Alliance

Check out the National Service Organizations (e.g. Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Opera American, Dance USA, Chorus America etc.)

Other Great Books:

I have been getting questions from various sources lately on my booklist and keep blanking in the moment so if you want to know what I have been reading, find me on Goodreads.

Need help finding research or information on any of the above sub-themes? Shoot me an email at and I'll do my best to get back to you with some suggestions. 

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