Meaningful Engagement International

Development, Arts and Cultural Policy Consulting

Mission and Values


My mission is to support organizations and projects that value the positive impact that the arts, cultural relations, international development and public engagement can have on mutual understanding, civic relationships and an overall global quality of life.

The Meaningful Engagement Approach

In the business of ideas and experiences, each successful venture needs a vision to guide it on its way; one that serves a distinct meaningful need while capturing the imagination.

In the changing environment we live in, there is no one size fits all approach for engagement and both traditional and new models across all disciplines must be considered to find the right plan of action.  Meanwhile, for many nonprofit organizations, the challenges of sustainability only mirror the need for increased service delivery on the ground to solve a variety of ever increasing interdependent and interdisciplinary problems that confront not only individuals and nation-states but the global community and its citizens.

Living in a world of change requires adaptability and innovation to find the best programmatic response and then delivery models.  Successful endeavors must be built on a solid foundation to accommodate neccessary and often unexpected transitions.  In the ballet world, a developé begins with two feet on the ground and then one leg slowly moves first into coupé, then passé, then attitude and then finally extends into a perfectly balanced position whose achievement is most commonly recognized as an arabesque.

The beauty of this movement is that the leg is always in sustained,
if barely noticeable, motion as it traverses the other three positions while the weight transfers onto the supporting leg.  The process is just as much a part of the integrity as the final result and without that crucial foundation, the extension and final impact of the movement would not be possible. Dancers know that a strong support system will allow them to rest in any one of these positions until they are ready to pass through to continue to achieve that clear vision.  In a reflection of how a dancer masters a developé, sometimes it becomes necessary for an organization or initiative to rest, reconsider or even retreat to reinvent itself in order to achieve the intended impact.


I strive to reliably meet the individual needs of each one of my partners recognizing that respect, a shared vision, good communication and a specific plan based on mutual expectations are the foundation of all successful relationships. I bring creativity, discipline, passion, dedication and humor to the process of problem solving and developing a final excellent product and expect that my partners value quality and integrity. 

I am committed to further developing my professional skills through the pursuit of additional theoretical knowledge and training in the field.