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Select Publications

U.S. Cultural Policy

Timeline of American Cultural Policy Milestones 1787-2006,  Published online by the Canadian Cultural Observatory in April 2007. (Aussi disponible en français.) This resource is being migrated to a new site.

Cultural Policy 101: Demystifying American Cultural Policy, Published online on by the Canadian Cultural Observatory in December 2006. Available in French on request (disponible en français).

Cultural Diversity

"Cultural Diversity and its Significance for International Cultural Engagement." Brief for Salzburg Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships for International Cultural Engagement in partnership with the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, May 2012.   

"The Big Read: Revitalizing the Role of Literature in America" in "Mapping Cultural Diversity: Best Practices from Around the Globe", December 2010 from the Asia-Europe Foundation and the German Commission to UNESCO

Reconciliable Differences: The U.S. vs. Canadian Perspective on the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity,  Master's Thesis, George Mason University. December 2005

North American Negotiations on Cultural Diversity (Executive Summary)

The Fault Lines of Contradiction: National Identity and Cinematic Cultural Content, Independent Study, George Mason University, May 2005

Legacies and Limitations: Legislating Linguistic Diversity in India, May 2005, graduate work - unpublished

Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Engagement

Backyard Diplomacy: Prospects for International Cultural Engagement by Local Arts Agencies, Americans for the Arts, December 2011 

National Arts Policy Roundtable 2009: The Role of the Arts in Strengthening and Inspiring the 21st Global Community. Brief to support Americans for the Arts' 2009 National Arts Policy Roundtable.  Final report and Executive Summary published in November 2010. 

The Art of Engagement: Trends in U.S. Cultural Exchange and International Programming, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, October 2009

Timeline of U.S. Public and Culural Diplomacy 1999-2009, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, June 2009 Updated through December 2009 and featured in the online version of the Winter 2009 Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society

Building Bridges: Reimagining U.S. Cultural Exchange-Based Diplomacy After 9-11. Research project on post-9-11 U.S. Cultural Diplomacy, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation. Presents recommendations for a new administration based on new information about public and private funding trends and practices of engagement. Final report published by Margaret Ayers, President of the Foundation.

Arts in Embassies: Challenges for the 21st Century. Co-authored with Elizabeth Ash and published online by the Arts in Embassies Program and the Center for Arts and Culture in 2004

International Relations

A Place at the Table: South Africa's Candidacy for a Permanent UN Security Council Seat, graduate work - unpublished August 2005

Select Presentations and Lectures 


Presenter, Invisible Friends: An Investigation into the Underlying Social Justice Dimensions within Philanthropic Support for US International Cultural Engagement, European Sociological Association, August 16, 2015, Prague, Czechoslovakia via Bluejeans (virtual presentation)

Presenter, Duplication and divergence: an investigation of international arts and cultural-related management, policy and diplomacy MA programs, Association for Arts Administrator Educators, April 17, 2015, Portland, OR, USA

Presenter,  A Decade of Philanthropic Trends in International Cultural Engagement: Blurring Lines between International Arts Exchange and Backyard Diplomacy, Social Theory, Politics and the Arts, October 2014, Ottawa, ON 

Discussant, Who Would Lay Down their Life for Art, International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, September 2014, Hildesheim, Germany  

Discussant, Beyond Cultural Diplomacy, World Policy Institute, October 2013, New York 

Presenter, Trends in UK soft power: the British Council perspective. Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference, October 2012, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 

Presenter, Modern Evolutions in UK Soft Power, International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, July 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

Moderator and Presenter, "Backyard Diplomacy: Local Arts Agencies and International Cultural Engagement", 2012 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention, June 2012,  San Antonio, TX

Presenter, Regifting America: Exploring the Relationship for U.S. Government Support for Cultural Expressions at Home and Abroad. Social Theory, Politics and the Arts, October 2011, Lexington, KY 

Presenter, Local Cultural Diversity: A U.S. Perspective, Inter-Americas Encounter on Cultural Diversity (one of the first sponsored projects of the UNESCO 2005 Convention's Cultural Diversity Fund), May 21, 2011, Toluca, Mexico. 

Presenter, Projects for the Network: A Case Study, U40 Annual Meeting, October 25, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.

Presenter, "Diversity and Diplomacy", International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, August 2010, Finland

Panelist, Cultural Policy, Emerging Leaders Conference, American University April 12, 2010, Washington, DC (available on request)

Presenter, Support for U.S. International Arts Exchange: What the Data Tells Us, Americans for the Arts National Arts Policy Roundtable, September 25, 3009.  (Presentation available on request from Americans for the Arts)

Presenter,Trends in Private Foundation Support for U.S. Cultural Diplomacy, Grantmakers in the Arts, October 13, 2008 (Presentation available on request from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation)

Moderator, International Cultural Diplomacy:Engaging Communities Abroad, National Performing Arts Panel, June 2008

Panelist, Observing Culture, McGill University, "Are We American?", February 15, 2008

Co-presenter, Cultural Diversity Equals Soft Power? Measuring Canada's International Influence, Association of Canadian Studies Forum, October 28, 2007

Co-facilitator and Presenter, Model UNESCO: A Conversation on Cultural Diversity and the 2005 UNESCO ConventionGlobal Youth Assembly, August 2, 2007 

Author, Cultural Portals, Measurements of Success: 2nd International Survey Analysis, Survey Analysis, Published by the Culture.mondo Network and presented at Cultural Portals: Measures of Success in Dubrovnik, Croatia October 20, 2006

Presenter, Cultural Information Systems: Center for Arts & Culture Case Study, OAS Caribbean Region seminar, Trinidad, March 2006

Presenter, Cultural Observatory Characteristics: Measurements of Success, Canadian Heritage, Canadian Cultural Observatory Editorial Working Group, April 2007. (Available on request)

Guest Speaker, Demystifying American Cultural Policy. Forum sponsored by the Canadian Cultural Observatory. November 2006, Gatineau, QC.  (Available on request)

Participant, Working Retreat on Cultural Observatories, Participant, Budapest, Hungary, November 2006

Post Graduate Guest Lectures: Materials available on request

Guest Lecturer/Seminar, The World is Your Oyster: Exploring and Navigating Careers in International Cultural Relations, Goldsmiths' University of London, London, UK, November 2015

Guest Lecturer, U.S. Cultural Policy, American University, February 2013. 

Guest Lecturer, U.S. International Cultural Engagement: A Field Perspective,  New York University, December 2010

Guest Lecturer, Painful yet Inevitable: The Annual Audit and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, American University, April 2010 (Available on request)

Guest Lecturer, Setting the Stage: American International Cultural Policy in a Time of Economic Crisis, American University, March 4, 2009 

Guest Lecturer, Children, Youth & Media, Violence and Advertising in U.S. Children’s Programming, Carleton University, October 18, 2007 

Guest Lecturer, United States’ Role and Priorities in International Cultural Policy, American University, Summer 2006